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Students as part of this acting class will participate in their own showcase called ‘Under The Spotlight’ on Saturday 22nd June 2024 at Sawley Community Centre.  Students will be required from around 1pm - 8pm with our show starting at around 6:30pm. This will be used to showcase all of their acting work that we create throughout the year. More information will follow closer to the date. Students MUST be free for this performance in order to continue with this class.


Please note students that only attend our acting class will not feature in our main end of year show as well.

Student Participation:

Due to the nature of our acting classes it is crucial that students practice and learn their lines for the classes and show when asked to do so. If students are not practicing at home they will be asked to leave this class as it is not fair on other students. Acting is truly based off team work and if one student hasn’t been practicing, it can bring the whole group down as others rely on their lines to perfom themselves.


Our team are dedicated to helping our students so if anyone is struggling let us know and we will do everything we can to help. We promise to help push students to achieve their best possible performance!


We also strongly recommend that you also get a folder to keep your scripts in and they must be brought to each class - this way it makes it easier to bring them and not to loose them!

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