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At the end of each year we create a stunning showcase to display our students hard work which will be taking place on Saturday 6th July 2024 at Nottingham Playhouse!. Your child will be participating in this show and will be required on show day from around 1pm - 8pm in order for us to run our dress rehearsal. Under no circumstances can students leave the theatre during these times and no parents are permitted backstage. More information will be given closer to the time as soon as we have more details!


Students are also required in every rehearsal/ class for the final week before the show as this is crucial rehearsal time us.

This years showcase is called: IMAGINATION


“Follow the story of Dolly as her imagination explodes right in front of her eyes. The true depth of the imagination can take you to some wonderful places, But be warned, the imagination can be a dark place… a true spectacle showcasing our students hard work over the past year through song, dance and acting pieces.”


Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of May 2024. More information will follow.

Tickets: £17 each


Show Recording: Our productions are recorded for parents to purchase to afterwards. Unfortunately everyone participating in our show will be in this recording. It is a condition of taking part of our theatre school that students will be featured. It is strictly prohibited for videos, clips or photographs of this recording to be shared on social media. Due to the nature of the recordings, we are unable to edit students out.

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