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We Are Hazza Theatre School is where everyone is welcomed. Our unique approach to teaching theatre helps build up confidence, courage, and most of all, have fun! We offer classes for all abilities and ages, and no prior experience is necessary. Our sessions are £5.50, with your first one free of charge. So if you're looking to have some fun, develop your skills, and meet some new people, get in touch today!


We Are Hazza Theatre School is the perfect place to unleash your creative side and discover a passion for performing arts. We offer high level training and guidance at a fraction of the cost, allowing everyone to have access to the craft. Our goal is to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere where students can feel free to express themselves, develop their skills and push their boundaries. With our help, you'll be dazzled by the breath-taking performances you can bring to life.

We have been inspiring students to explore their creativity for many years. Our highly skilled teachers have a passion for the industry and have developed a vast amount of students' confidence over the years through a variety of rehearsals, topics and workshops.

Get in touch today to find out more about our inspiring projects and see how we can help you explore your creativity...



Theatre Class:

Our Theatre classes are designed to bring out the best in all our students, regardless of their skill level. We explore singing, dancing, acting and musical theatre, as our experienced teachers will help to develop your abilities and find your hidden talents. At the end of the year, we create a stunning showcase to demonstrate the incredible progress our students have made in a fully functioning theatre complete with set, lighting and costume.

Acting Class:

At our theatre school, we offer a comprehensive Acting class that teaches students the fundamentals of acting, such as character development, scene work, and improvisation techniques- just to name a few. Our experienced instructors also help students refine their vocal and physicality skills, to ensure they are comfortable in any performance setting, focusing on; TV, stage and film. Students of this class will perform in their own showcase; 'under the spotlight' every year complete with lighting, set and costume.


Please note students that only attend our acting class will not feature in our main end of year show as well. 




Theatre Class (ages 5-10 years)

Singing | Dancing | Acting

Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Currently Full | Join our waiting list 

Acting Class (ages 7-12 years)

TV | Film | Stage

Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm

Spaces available



 Theatre Class (ages 5-10 years)

Singing | Dancing | Acting

Time: 4:30 - 5:30pm

Spaces available

Theatre Class (ages 5-10 years)

Singing | Dancing | Acting

Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm

Spaces available

Theatre Youth Group (ages 11-16 years)

Singing | Dancing | Acting

Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm

Spaces available



Theatre Class (ages 5-10 years)

Singing | Dancing | Acting

Location: Breaston Scout Hut

Time: 4:30 -  5:30pm

Spaces available


Please only complete a form if your child is currently old enough to join our classes.

Select which class:

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Theatre School Enquiries:

Safeguarding Officer/ Company Founder:

Do you have to audition?

No audition is required to attend our sessions. We are open to all abilities and welcome everyone! We may hold auditions in class for solos and specific parts in our show but these will always be optional for students.


Our classes operate on a drop off basis only. This is due to our venue capacity and insurance purposes. We have also found that students develop more and work better when left with our incredible team!

When is the show?

Our end of year showcase take part in July every year. It is usually the first or second weekend. This will be confirmed for you on your first session. This is a full scale production in a professional theatre with set, lighting and costume. All students who are part of our theatre classes take part in this. Our acting classes have their own separate showcase called 'under the spotlight' which usually takes place at the end of June.


Classes are £5.50 per week and your first session is free - this doesn't mean you have to sign up for the full term if our classes aren't for you!

When do we arrive?

Class doors open on the dot to when your class starts. You will be emailed in details regarding how our drop off and collection works when you sign up as this varies from venue to venue. 

Who are the teachers?

Our team of talented individuals are fully DBS checked, insured and we always have a first sider on site. Each class has 1 dedicated teacher with the assistant teacher rotating from week to week. We prioritise a strong bond with our students and feel it is important for them to know all members of staff. A lot of our teachers also work for our entertainment company so you may recognise some of them!


Payments are to be made termly. You will be invoiced after your first session and then again at the beginning of each term for the upcoming sessions which can be paid via BACS. You are not charged over school holidays for when we don't meet.


It is not mandatory for students to wear a specific uniform. All students must be in practical clothing that is easy to move in with long hair tied back. Uniform is available to order and details will be given out once you sign up. Our theatre T-Shirts are recommend to purchase to wear for our end of year showcase.

What's the difference between classes

We currently offer two types of classes. Our Theatre Class and our Acting class. Our Theatre class covers all aspects of performing arts from singing, dancing and acting where as our acting class has a pure focus on TV, stage and film acting as we cover various techniques. A full description of each class can be found above!

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