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We’ve pilled together a bunch of our most asked questions below to help give you a little more undertstanding of how our parties work and how to get the most out of your event!

What age group are your parties for?

Our entertainment is designed for ages 5+. Our talented team are easy to adapt your entertainment to suit the specific audience on the day of your event so there is no need to feel like anyone will be left out. Unfortunately we no longer host parties for ages below 5 years. This is simply due to the interactive, high energy nature of our events and we want you to get the most for your money!

How long do your parties require to set up & take down.

Each party requires 30 minutes before and after to do so. If you have booked any of our food stands or neon bar, we require at least 45 minutes - 1 hour to set up. We strongly recommend getting the venue for an hour before anyway to prevent you rushing!

How do I pay for my party?

We require a deposit to secure any date/ time slot and no party is secure until this payment has been received. Your remaining balance can then be paid before your event via BACS or on the day via cash. Payment must be received at the time of your booking at the very latest. If you are looking to pay your remaining balance, please contact our team and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Do you have a cancellation list for dates?

Yes we do! In order to access our form visit:

Please only add yourself to our cancellation list if you have already checked our availability with our team!

What do I need to provide for your parties?

Each party is different depending on what package and type of event you have booked us for. Below is a general list for birthday parties that we recommend. Do not worry, not all of these are essential, it is just a basic guide!

  • Venue 

  • Food (We have catering options so we can take care of this for you!)

  • Birthday Cake (don’t forget the candles & lighter!)

  • Party bags/ favours (We can provide these!)

  • Decorations

  • Refreshments for your guests including cups (don’t forget the adults too!)

  • Bin Bags

Do your parties contain a food break?

Yes, all of our party packages are specially designed to contain a 20-30 minute food break midway through. This is due to the high, intense energy that our entertainment consists of. We have been in the business for 14 years and trust us when we say, food breaks make the party run so much smoother. Our entertainment team are always on hand to help you out with this on the day and we also have plenty of catering options available for you as well - giving you a true stress free party!

We are thinking of hiring a bouncy castle. Would you recommend this? 

Bouncy castles are great fun however we do not recommend them as the prove to be a massive distraction for your guests. We want you to make the most of our entertainment package so if you did wish to have a castle, please make sure is is let down during our entertainment period. 

Will we need to provide a parking space?

Yes please! It is essential for us to unload all of our equipment - and it’s heavy! If we do not have a parking space close to your venue, we may have to start late or not be able to host your party at all. 

Do you need us to bring anything for your set up?

Nothing at all! We bring everything for our set up including all prizes and sweets for the games! Check the list above of things that you may need to bring. 

Are your staff DBS checked, insured and have PAT test equipment?

Yes we are indeed! If you require a proof of any of these, this can be provided beforehand only. Please message our team in order to do so. Please note, proof of DBS can only be provided for business/ schools due to data protection of our staff. Our staff do not carry proof of any of these document with them for this reason. 

How many people can I invite to my party?

Limit of guests will vary depending on the package you book. See below a list of limits. Please note this does include the birthday boy/ girl and if you wish to exceed these limits, that’s fine! Just get in touch and we can do so for an additional fee. 

Standard Party - Unlimited amount of guests (No limit)

Action Packed - Unlimited amount of guests (No limit)

Glow Party - Unlimited amount of guests (No limit)

Dino Party - Max amount of guests 50

Beach Party   - Unlimited amount of guests (No limit)

Unicorn Party - Max amount of guests 50

Superhero Party - Max amount of guests 50

Festival Party - Max amount of guests 50

Spooktacular Halloween Party - Unlimited amount of guests (No limit)

Christmas Spectacular Party - Unlimited amount of guests (No limit)

Do you provide any decorations?

Unfortunately not. We provide a fully themed set up which will vary depending on your chosen party package! This only covers our disco set up so feel free to provide balloons, banners, bunting - anything thing you wish for the rest of your venue!

Will my party include face glitter for the guests?

Yes! ALL of our parties include this! Made up from body safe, biodegradable glitter and aloe vera gel - the perfect way to make your guests SPARKLE! (Our glow parties include a very impressive neon face glitter!)

If we want any party extras, when do we need to let you know?

Typically speaking, we recommend adding any of our party extras on at the latest, 2 weeks prior to your event. If you have left it too late do not worry! We may still be able to add certain party extras up until the day before, so it’s always worth asking! (We can’t promise anything but we will try our best!)

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