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Theatre Class

Our Theatre classes are designed to bring out the best in all our students, regardless of their skill level. We explore singing, dancing, acting and musical theatre, as our experienced teachers will help to develop your abilities and find your hidden talents. At the end of the year, we create a stunning showcase to demonstrate the incredible progress our students have made in a fully functioning theatre complete with set, lighting and costume in prestigious theatres. Additionally, we provide training through our youth group, offering a more sophisticated approach to theatre, resulting in advanced and mesmerising performances!

Street Dance

Students will have the opportunity to learn dynamic and thrilling street dance routines every week. These routines will then be performed in our highly anticipated end-of-year showcase. This not only allows students to showcase their progress and skills, but also gives them a chance to experience the excitement and energy of performing in front of an audience. It is a great way for students to build confidence, work as a team, and display their passion for street dance to friends and family.

Show Team

Our dedicated show team brings to life some of your favourite musicals on stage, ensuring an immersive experience with top-notch sets, props, and costumes. Our innovative approach guarantees for some breath taking theatre!


Spaces for participation in this class are determined annually based on specific roles and through our audition process. However, securing a role in this year's musical does not guarantee a spot in future 'show team' productions unless successful in auditions. While not mandatory, we highly encourage attending our Theatre classes in conjunction with this class to further develop techniques and skills.

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